Thursday, 16 March 2017

Lost quilts

A few of my quilts have apparently never made it onto the blog after they were completed. This is a "catch-up" post for those. First up is "Contrasts". I made this quilt in 2011, when I had a dream that I might publish a book of quilts. My idea was a series of quilts that were "stitch and slash". Similar to a disappearing 9-patch, a quilt block would be made and then cut in some fashion to create a new, more complex-looking quilt block. Contrasts was my first attempt. A simple block of 3 concentric squares, cut on the diagonal.  I like the final effect, although the placement of some of the seams was awkward in the end result.

This quilt was named "Time Flies" - I felt that it looked like hourglasses set on angles, flying through the air.  I made it by creating large snowball blocks, then cutting them in quarters. That step probably wasn't necessary, as simple squares with one corner snowballed give the same effect.

This is my fibonacci spiral, from way back in August 2011.  I have the photo, but it doesn't seem to have made it onto my blog in finished form. So, I'm just cleaning house here.  The original post about this quilt is here.

And this quilt was an effort to use up scraps that were hanging around from another project. It didn't quite come out as I had hoped. The pinks blended into the background too much.  But it was finished and sent off as a donation.

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  1. Ah...the ol' Fibonacci. Doesn't that bring back some memories!