Saturday, 11 March 2017

Plus Quilt

Last May I started this project. I thought a "plus" quilt would be a great (and quick) way to use up scraps, and give me a bit of a mental break from the Winding Ways quilt I was working on at the time.

However, I should have finished the math on this before I started. I just wanted a 50x70" lap quilt, to donate to Victoria's Quilts when it's done.  Simple enough, right?  So I pulled out my 2.5" strip bin, cut a bunch of fabric into sets of 5 squares for the pluses, and started piecing it together.  Then I thought about where this was going.  50x70", at 2" (finished) for each square = 25x35 = 875 squares. Oops.  And, 5 squares per colour means I need 175 different fabrics (actually a few more, because there are partial pluses on the edges of the quilt)

I did manage to finish the quilt, complete with almost 175 different fabrics. And finally this weekend I am going to put it on the longarm and have some fun with it.  As is typical, it does not feel as though I made even a dent in the pile of 2.5" strips in my scrap bins.


  1. You know, Krista, scraps are like mushrooms; they multiply in the dark! I'm impressed that you were so adamant about not repeating a fabric.

  2. I also wanted to make a dent in my 2.5 inch strips, so I made a scrappy trips around the world. When I was done I could hardly tell I'd used any. So then I made a kaleidoscope quilt. And a few months later, I made a second one. Feeling pretty proud that I have finally put "a dent" in my 2.5 inch strips. Persistence pays off.