Monday, 7 May 2012

Happy Dance!!

It arrived!  My order from the UK, with fabric I hoped would match my son's quilt arrived today. And it is PERFECT!  The colour is horrible in these shots - and hence why I had such trouble figuring out the right colourway for this fabric.

Here is it, fresh out of the package.  And it came with a lovely little note.  Yes indeed, this quilt will be well-traveled :)  I want to give a shout-out to Sew and Sos fabric store in the UK.  Wonderful prompt service (even if Canada Post did have me biting my nails for a week). And very reasonable shipping charges - it only cost 1/3 of what other quilting stores in the UK wanted to ship the same product.

Thank you, google search, on-line shopping and Sew and Sos, for saving my son's quilt!

And here it is beside the 3/4 yard I found in town on the weekend, and with the edge of the quilt it's going with.  In person, the 3/4 yard seems a bit darker than the other - but that might be because it's been washed.  In any case, I will use the one cut of fabric for the borders, and save the 3/4 yard for another project.  Or possibly binding.  I haven't considered that part yet.

Why the heck don't fabric manufacturers put the actual colour code in the selvage, rather than just the name of the line?


  1. So glad that you found a match. I second the motion that the color code be put on the selvage, and not just on the cardboard bolt end. I just found out that the Freckles that I need to match only includes the pattern number on the selvage. I need to match a certain yellow, and there are probably 10 choices for yellow, so I'll need to find it in a brick and mortar store instead of trying on-line.

    I've been reading your blog for quite some time--always enjoy it.