Friday, 4 May 2012

May Plans

May is starting to feel like a busy month, and it's just begun.

I have these projects on my "to do" list this month:
1. finish quilting watercolour star
2. May colour challenge
3. Carpenter's Star for June feather quilting lessons
4. May UFO (my son's quilt) - needs borders
5. April block from Blogger's block of the month
6. April and May blocks for Dancing with the Stars
7. Block Lotto for May
8. baste and quilt one more WIP

I really wish one of those was a major stash user, since I need to work my way back in the right direction.  Especially with 6 yards of fabric for #4 on its way to my doorstep. I only needed about 2 yards, but I can't tell the exact colour so I ordered 2 yards of each of the 3 colours that look close.  I sure hope one works.

#1 is slow going.  I did one star point last night, so I'm up to 5 complete now.  3 more to go, and then to figure out the quilting for the background and border.  Slow and steady on that one.  There's no real deadline, but I don't like switching back and forth between free motion quilting and piecing, so in my head I want to finish this one before I start the next projects.  That might make my May deadlines impossible to meet, however.  Maybe I'll finish the star points, and then put this one aside for a bit.

I am combining #2 and #3 - my May colour challenge will be a Carpenter's Star.  Otherwise there'd be no hope at all of getting those both done.  And the pattern looks really quick and easy, so I hope to put this quilt together next week.

The May UFO is a biggie - which is why it's a UFO :)  Lots of piecing in the borders, but my son saw the quilt last week and really likes it, so I am inspired to finish before he heads off to university. Which means I'd better get the borders done this month because it's going to be a bear to quilt.

#5, 6 and 7 are simple once I'm back into piecing mode, so I should be able to catch them up pretty easily. And #8 is just on there as a wish list.

My WIP (Work in Progress) pile is the set of quilt tops I finished this year but haven't quilted yet.  They haven't made UFO status because they are too new and haven't spent time in the dark of my closet :)  Feb, March, and April colour challenges.  Orca Bay.  Monday Mystery.  Just five quilts (although I feel like I'm forgetting one somewhere).

So, I guess May is "hop to it" month for me. Let's see how much of this I can get done.  I'm linking up with AmyLouWho today.  Drop by to see what everyone's up to.


  1. Great projects for May! I love the UFO quilt!

  2. Lovely stuff + great list!! Stopping in from Amylouwho's linky party!

  3. Beautiful work!!!!! You have quite the list!!!!

  4. Your water star quilt is so beautiful!

  5. You and me both. I have so many tops that are languishing to be quilted. Buying the backing seems to be the biggest pain. Absolutely love project number one. Your son is lucky to have such a beautiful quilt to bring to his university.