Wednesday, 31 December 2014

2014 In Review

I wanted to collect all my quilts for this year in one place, so I can see what I'm up against next year for UFOs.  I divided them into categories, based on progress and destination.

Quilts finished this year, pieced and quilted.  There are 3 mystery quilts in there, 2 shop samples, a quilt for my son, and 3 projects from the April quilt retreat, among others.

Charity quilts:

Previous UFO tops quilted this year:

Tops finished this year, but not quilted:

Tops quilted this year, but not bound:

There's a lot more there than I expected. I had been thinking it was a slow year and very little got done.  But I count 26 quilts (finished ones plus tops) - I can hardly believe I did that many.  However, only 4 tops out of my "to be quilted pile" got done. And I added 11 more. Net increase of 7 quilts on the pile this year.  I really do need to tackle that this coming year.

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  1. Wow, congrats! You did accomplish a ton of quilty stuff in 2014! Isn't it funny that we often think we did less than actually happened? Happy New Year!