Saturday, 27 December 2014

Mystery Overload

Willpower? What willpower?

It's almost New Year's, which seems to be a traditional time for mysteries to take place.  I don't need another project. I just itemized all my projects already on the go for 2015, and swore off new projects.  And I remembered that I found a New Year's mystery last year, so I did some googling to see who was hosting one this year.  And now I appear to have jumped in with both feet. But I can't resist a challenge, and trust me, this is going to be a challenge.

Here's what's up for New Year's this year:

1. Bonnie Hunter's Grand Illusions Mystery - already in progress, but booting right along at 1 clue a week, so should finish early January
2. a New Year's Eve mystery, from QTMysteryQuilts, a yahoo group. (starts 3am, Dec 31)
3. a New Year's Day mystery, from Merry Mayhem (10am Jan 1)
4. a New Year's Day mystery, from (7am Jan 1)

The good news is that 3 of these are 1-day mysteries. So I should be able to avoid stretching them out for the whole year.  AND, the most important part, every scrap of fabric for all 4 of these quilts is coming out of my stash!

2. QT Mystery Quilts - Black & White with a splash of (scrappy) red

4. - green quilt (3 greens) with gold accent

3. Merry Mayhem - scrappy darks & brights
(there's more orange/yellow than shown here).

1. Bonnie Hunter - Grand Illusions.  Scrappy green, aqua, pink with yellow, black and white.  A jumbled mess because cutting has commenced.

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  1. Looks like you are going to have a fun-filled New Years. I'm looking forward to seeing your quilts.