Thursday, 25 December 2014

Christmas Day Stitching

Merry Christmas, everyone!

While my kids are catching up with their friends in the online gaming world on Christmas Day, I've been spending quality time with my sewing machine :)  Catching up on Bonnie's "Grand Illusions" mystery is on the schedule for today. Clues 1,3, and 4 are now complete. Yes, there is a noticeable gap in there. Clue 2 is scary :)  But I might get started on it after dinner.  That would get me all caught up before clue 5 comes out tomorrow morning.

I'm very curious to find out how the green rectangles - finish at 3x6 - are going to work with the broken dish units - finish at 4x4 - in the final project.

Adding this post to Bonnie's Monday linkup - I think I still have a couple of hours to catch this week's deadline.


  1. For clue two check out stitchingcircle?com. She shows a strip piecing method several posts back.