Monday, 8 December 2014

Catching up

What a fabulous weekend!  I just got back from a retreat, with some of the fabulous ladies at the local quilt store.  We had so much fun, ate fabulous meals, and got so much done!  I took my paper piecing block of the month with me, but it was purely a fallback option if a miracle happened and everything else got done. I did not want to spend another retreat weekend paper piecing :)

So instead, I:

Finished step 1 of a guild mystery.  160 flying geese, all completed and joined into groups of 4.

Caught up on the first 3 months of "Reflections of the North" block of the month (Winter version).  Oh my, more flying geese.

Completed the next block (#39) in the block of the week from the quilt shop. And another 4 flying geese.  10 more to go, and I can assemble it!

Finished the cutest little snowman block.  The is block one of a block-of-the-month that will be starting in January.  The fact that I actually finished the embroidery on this block in 2 weeks is pretty amazing in itself :)

I am DONE with flying geese for a while.  Phew!

And I FINALLY started a quilt that I've been carrying back and forth to retreats for a year now.  This is from Kaffe Fassett's "Shots and Stripes", made with shot cottons that I had collected while making 2 other Kaffe quilts. And not a single flying goose block in sight.  I have 10 of 32 blocks complete.


  1. Look at you rockin' that retreat with all your flying geese keeping you company!!! ;-)

    You have got a lot of things done - GREAT WORK!!!! And it is nice to be able to just finally get to a nice calming block and the ones you have created in the bottom photo look very nicely done!!!
    Yup, you are my hero!!!!

  2. wow, that is a lot of projects. One thing about us quilters we never get bored. Yours all look wonderful.

  3. I'm glad you had fun! Some day I'll be able to join in, the kids just need a few more years of growing first.

    That embroidered snowman is really cute!