Saturday, 27 December 2014

Final finishes for 2014

Wrapping up my accounting for the year, I have a couple of finishes to report. The bindings went on both of these quilts earlier this week.  The push was that I registered them both for the UFO challenge at the Ottawa Modern Quilt guild - and I just couldn't bring myself to show up without them done. The large quilt was bound on Sunday, and the small one on Monday after work. Just in time for the Monday night meeting.  It was worth the effort to get them done - both of my tickets in the UFO challenge draw paid off!  I brought home an Alison Glass charm pack, and a second one that will hopefully work with it.

This quilt is the Back to Square One medallion mystery from Judy and Vicki in 2013. Finally quilted this fall, and now bound and ready for use.

The second one is a modern wallhanging.  The blocks are appliqued onto a single piece of background fabric.  Yes, I said applique. Hand applique even.  There just wasn't any other option to get the look I wanted, so I set aside my dislike of applique for a few moments.  I'm very happy with how I managed to get the binding to match the background.

I also finished my Kaffe Fassett quilt top. 

And there will (I hope) be at least one final long arm quilting project done before the year is up. But that had to go on hold for a few days, while my son was visiting, and using my longarm studio as a bedroom.


  1. Your finishes are all very nice. The modern wall hanging is a departure from your usual style, right? Looks good.

  2. I love your expertise on binding the wall hanging so invisibly! Great work. You are really a prolific quilter looking back on your quilt journal. Nice pieces!