Friday, 28 April 2017

Jar Quilt

At guild one day, someone dropped off a pile of vegetable fabric on the donation table. No one picked it up, so I snagged it at the end of the meeting, planning to make a jar quilt from it.  I picked a size, figured out how big the lid and background fabrics needed to be and made a bunch of jars at a retreat last fall.  Halfway through, I ran out of my background fabric, and my lid fabric (good planning, right?). So it sat around for a few months. I finally pulled some new fabric for background and lids, and dug up something suitable for sashing. This went to my retreat last month and turned itself into a quilt top.

It was pretty popular - all my remaining fabric went to two other quilters who wanted to make their own jar quilts.  That's a pretty good way to ensure you don't have any leftover bits hanging around :)  This time, however, I was smart enough to cut my binding strips first, so that is ready to go.

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