Tuesday, 4 April 2017

Star Quilt

I quilted my little heart out, and got this top all done, in time for the quilt show. I hope it gets accepted.

I solicited lots of advice from a couple of online quilting boards (one of which I just discovered) and came up with something I love.  Warning - lots of photos ahead.

The colour in this first one is off, because I was trying to get the quilting lines to show up, but it does give the overall picture of the quilt design and the quilting. There is a swirl border along 2 edges (top and right).  Some peacock features and pebbles for background fill.  And way more straight lines than I wanted to quilt, for the star.

A closeup of the feathers in the background. I love this fill, partly because it's really quick and easy, but gives a great texture to the quilt.

This picture shows the 4 different sections of the background quilting.  Swirl border, with straight lines on the outside. Then some pebbles to fill the spaces between the swirls and peacock feathers.

 If you expand this photo,you can see the details of the star points.

And the star center.

This photo shows the corner, with all the background fill.

The binding plan is to continue the "unfinished" theme - I'll bind the 2 edges near the swirl border, and face the other 2 to give them an unfinished look.


  1. Love your quilting, especially the 'border' treatment. Keeping my fingers crossed for it's acceptance!

  2. Love your quilt. Please share the quilting boards you frequent.