Sunday, 30 April 2017

Mushy scraps

I finally came up with a layout I'm somewhat happy with for this project.  I sewed up the rest of my scraps into a few small blocks and played around with them for a center.  It's still a mushy quilt and I guess always was going to be. Lesson learned, when it comes to buying/picking fabric for a project.

When I posted my original photos of this project, I received a couple of suggestions about recutting the blocks or sashing them. I decided not to recut any, because I was trying to stretch this into a 50x70" donation quilt top, so I didn't want to lose any additional size in more seams.  The triangles which I used along the 2 sides were already cut (setting triangles from the original attempt) - I had placed them into squares in the first photo thinking I'd sew them together, but I decided I liked this idea of sewing them into strips along the edges more.

The quilt is now about 40x50", and I am completely out of the batiks I was using. So I'm going to have to do something for a border to stretch it out.   A few of my options are stuck on the wall here.  The two light greys are too light I think, so they are out. I like the red stripe - but it would be really cool as a binding so I might save it for that.  I'm leaning towards a grey inner border (larger on the top and bottom, to get the length I need) and a red outer border to finish it off.

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