Thursday, 28 January 2010

Happy Dance!

It's done!!!  I'm doing a happy dance, because I am so glad to have this quilt finished.  5 years is way too long - especially for a UFO that's out in plain sight, and not hiding quietly in a box somewhere. 

This poor little quilt sat out for so long, the colour in the background faded from off-white to white.  I was going to do a skinny binding with the same fabric as the background, but the colour difference in the quilt and the leftover fabric was really noticeable.   Oddly, the dark blue hardly faded at all, and fortunately I had some leftover.

I decided, as I hunted for a suitable binding, that I had looked at this quilt long enough, and rather than being a wall hanging, it is going to be donated to the local children's hospital.   They want quilts about 24" square, so I added a wide binding to bring this one up to size.  That was an adventure in itself.  I've only ever done 1/4" bindings in the past.   Now I understand better the logic and math behind the mitred corners on continuous binding.  And I only had to rip it out once to get it right.

It's done.  I am happy with the outcome.  But I do wish it hadn't taken me so long to finish that I was sick of seeing it around.  Maybe I'll try another one - and endeavor to finish it in a reasonable length of time.

I've entered this quilt in the Weekly Themed quilt contest (two colour quilts, this week) at  On Friday voting will open for this week - please drop by to check out the quilts.   And vote for me :)

Edited to add link.  Go here to vote, between now and Sunday Jan 31!


  1. I think you have had a woundeful idea to donate this project. And the reason it took you 5ys is because they didn't need it there till now!!

    I think it looks great and WOOO HOO!!! it's done!!!!

    Now, have a cup of tea/coffee and what are you doing now?????????

  2. Well, I know a few kitty cats who might not be pleased with this turn of events ;-)

    Great Job Krista - Congratulations on getting this one done. It turned out beautiful.

  3. I know it feels good to finish something. I have a block just like this and it took me over a year to finish as well - I hand quilted it which is what took me the longest.