Wednesday, 6 January 2010

And then there were more

After so confidently posting on Monday that all of my UFOs are less than 1 year old, I went back to my finishing list from last year.  Apparently, I have these languishing around my sewing room:

- a Hawaiian wall-quilt that's been on my frame since 2005
- a picture quilt from my 2005 trip to Mexico
- a set of 3 wall quilts (need final embroidery and to be hung) (started in 2008)
- a stained glass dragon (started in 2009)
- tumbling blocks (started in 2009)
- reversible quilt (started in 2009)
- kaleidoscope quilt (started in 2009)
- bargello quilt (Sept 2009)
- Star mystery quilt (needs quilting) (Sept 2009)
- Morning Splash (needs quilting) (Nov 2009)

So, that's 3 quilts that don't fit under the 1 year limit.  That Hawaiian quilt has got to be finished - it sits in my living room and has mocked me every day for the past 4 years - and yet I managed to completely forget about its existance on Monday's report.  So, in an effort to shame myself into finishing this poor thing, here's a photo of the quilt on my frame.  I can't even claim it's big and that's the reason it's taken so long.

Therefore, I have decided that I will join in the Accountability Challenge from Bari.  Every Wednesday, I'll post an update on my progress towards this year's goals.   Which are:

1. Finish my UFOs that are > 1 year old
2. Finish tumbling blocks
3. Finish bargello
4. Quilt Star Mystery and Morning Splash
5. finish piecing the dragon
6. start and finish a quilt for each of my children
7. 13 quilties for the local children's hospital (1 per month, plus I "owe" one from December)

Check out Bari's blog to see what other quilters are up to.


  1. Oh, wow! Thanks for joining us. I can so relate to "forgetting" something that is in plain sight like that...LOL. Something subconscious I am sure.

    I think UFOs breed and age when we aren't looking. They were all just started yesterday, I know...mine were anyway!

    Looks great and can't wait to see what you get done on your UFO's!


  2. Uh ho. You just reminded me that I need to add a tumbling blocks UFO to my list! I think it may be my oldest UFO! (10?)

  3. You can do it, Krista. Sometimes the hardest part is just listing them all!

  4. You have some great goals. I know you will get that Hawaiian quilt finished soon. It is lovely, can't wait to see it.

  5. Go Go Go - You can do it!!!

  6. Maybe I should join that challenge too. Goodness knows, I've probably got one of the oldest UFO's on the planet (Trip Around the World quilt is mumble years old - did that mumble really sound like the number 19 years :-O ).

    Congratulations on holding up the light to see what's in that closet of yours and I have no doubt that if you don't beat the challenge, you'll at least put a serious dent in it.