Sunday, 3 January 2010

Stash Report - Jan 3

I debated whether or not to participate in Judy's Stash Reports this year.  I don't have a big stash - what I do have is mostly composed of the leftover bits of fabric from various quilts already completed.  I don't buy fabric without a plan, because I never end up with anything I like in my stash when I do that :)   So, when I buy fabric, it has a destiny, and generally will end up in whatever quilt I purchased it for, and only the leftover fabric ends up in the stash.

And then there's the issue of buying fabric in metres and using it in yards (well, more like inches, since I count the strips I cut).  So my stash reports are generally an approximation.

But I do have all those bins of leftovers.  And I really want to try to use some of that this year.  So I decided that I would indeed join Judy in her weekly reports.  No specific goal in mind about yards used or purchased - I'm destined to enter negative numbers with every quilt I purchase fabric for, since there is always some extra that hits the stash bins.  But I hope that reporting my numbers will help me remain motivated, and hopefully create a few true stash quilts again this year to keep the bins from overflowing.

And on that note, I must fess up.  I have 2 quilts in mind already, and since it's sale week I bought the fabric for them.  So stash report #1 this year puts me pretty solidly in the negative.

In this year:
21.5 yards (1 quilt for each of my children)

Out this year:
2.75 yards

Net:   18.75 yards in


  1. Oh, you're my HERO!

    I have a friend that I infected with the Quilt Pox who's just like you...she doesn't really have a stash.

    That's not me, but someday, I'll have it down to a more manageable level...I hope. :-)

  2. I love your new fabric purchases! Blue and yellow is one of my favourite combinations, and the autumn colours are gorgeous, too. You will have very happy children! :)

  3. 2 Years ago when I started quilting. I was like you. Only buying for a specific project. that lasted about 1 month, till the first really good holiday sale, then I went flipping crazy. Now I could line my walls with bookcases of fabric.

    I started and finished a twin size scrap Coin quilt today and did not even dent my noodles bin.

    Keep up the good work,

  4. I love quilters!! Come look at my latest! Hope you like it!!