Friday, 14 August 2009

Finishing Friday

When I started quilting, I told myself that no new project would be started until I finished the previous one. Well, that was a silly idea. I soon found out that a quilter can't do 1 project at a time. There are the block of the month blocks, waiting for the next installment. A challenge quilt going on. A quilt being pieced. And of course one being quilted. And the last one you quilted waiting for binding. Right now, I have quilts in every stage of the process, from design through to complete & waiting to be hung.

I've been watching the fun over on Patchwork Times as quilters try to reduce their accumulated stash by finishing projects, creating stash quilts, and in some cases giving away fabric. It has inspired me to clean out my closet. Not so much a stash reduction (although I will have to tackle that soon, too). But a finishing festival. I will take all those UFOs (Unfinished Objects), and complete them.

I have:
- A challenge quilt from my local quilt shop - 2 years ago (needs binding)
- A quilty for the children's hospital (needs binding)
- the shop hop quilt mentioned a couple days ago (still piecing)
- queen-size lone star (needs quilting)
- A challenge quilt from my local quilt shop - 3 years ago (needs quilting)
- a picture quilt from my 2005 trip to Mexico (needs quilting)
- a queen size quilt (need to buy backing and quilt it)
- a set of 3 wall quilts (to be hung - finally labeled this week)
- a stained glass dragon (still piecing)
- a Hawaiian wall-quilt that's been on my frame for 4 years now (finish quilting)

I wonder how many I can finish, without adding more to the list? Probably not very many :)

Check back for updates on how my UFOs are coming along. Or better yet, post a link to your unfinished project list and we can work on them together, on "Finishing Fridays". If you don't have a website or blog to link, you can post your UFOs in the comments.


  1. All I have to do to finish a quilt I started for Doug [mumble] years ago is trim it and bind it. I hereby am promising to trim it today! (Sunday.)

  2. Sounds like a good plan, Julie. I hope "mumble" doesn't mean this was Doug's baby quilt :)

  3. No, not quite baby but almost as bad. But it's trimmed and basted. Yay!