Wednesday, 26 August 2009

Too white, or not too white?

I spent most of yesterday far away from my sewing room. Took my kids and my nephew to an amusement park. It was a fun day, and I managed to get my annual roller coaster fix while we were there. I love roller coasters. I wish someone would build one closer to home, however. Overall a fun day, but six hours of driving makes for a very long one.

Slept in this morning, and got up refreshed and ready to go. I put the final borders on the mystery quilt I was working on. All done now, and ready for quilting.

The white border is giving me some trouble though. I wish I'd had enough of the green fabric to do a wide border with it, but all I had was enough for the narrow border. It might grow on me - looking at the quilt in negative I realy like it, so I think (hope) picking the star colour for the border was a reasonable choice.

What do you think? Keep the white, or try to find a complimentary dark green and re-do the border?


  1. Keep the white, and use it as a canvas to showcase some really nice quilting design!

  2. I agree with Kathy.
    I love this 5 star block. Makes it look very organic. Lovely!

  3. hmmmm, I am almost thinking it's too white.... I really like the small white boder, then the little green... I am thinking I would like another white after the green, same size as the first border, then a darker outer border to tie it all up.
    BUT!! Saying that, I think, as is, it would make a great summery quilt - it just looks so inviting to curl under!!!
    Ah heck!! Leave it!! I like it!! And then if you want to make any changes, do it on the next one!!! ;-)

    No, really, leave it. It is beautiful!!! And I am glad you got to go and play on the roller coaster yesterday!!! I am so glad you let the kid in you out to play!!! We all need to do that more - and the 6 hr. drive was worth it.
    What are you working on next???? :-)!!!

  4. Thanks for the nice comments. I should have mentioned that the pattern is a slight variation on a mystery from

    I'll have to think some more on the border. Still tempting to try to find a nice dark fabric, as Brenda said. But maybe quilting with a dark thread would give it the depth it needs, too. I'm just not sure if my quilting skill is anything to showcase yet :)

  5. I like it because it's the opposiite of what we normally do. There's a million light background/dark star and border quilts out there (not that there's anything wrong with that.) This takes that formula and turns it on its head.