Saturday, 15 August 2009

Stash Report

I haven't done one of these before, but Judy over at Patchwork Times does a weekly stash report, to track the amount of fabric coming and leaving the stash. If you're not a quilter you might not know that quilters (almost all of us) collect fabric. Sometimes a beautiful piece leaps out at you at the fabric shop - and you just have to have it, even without a project for it. In addition, every quilt you make adds to stash - at least for me. I never buy just the right amount, so extra 1/2 yards are always migrating to my stash from any quilt I make. And I swear some of it just multiplies in the closet.

I don't have a current total for my stash - I'm afraid to count what's in there now. Fabric takes up most of my closet, and all the shelves under my cutting table. Caramel tried to count the stash, but she kept falling asleep on it. However, I have made a bit of a dent in it this week.

I posted on Friday (here) that I am going to finish some of the quilts hanging around my sewing room. Great theory - but in meantime I seem to have started another 3. Oops.

Good news - the 3 new quilts are all stash quilts, which means lots of yardage used.
2 new quilts started - about 1/2 yard used so far
1 mystery quilt - 3-1/2 yards of fabric removed from stash for this one (does it count if I haven't actually cut into it yet?)

Plus, finishing quilts uses lots of fabric:
3 yards to piece the backing for a quilt
9 yards used on the backing for the one I'm quilting now

Oh, and I can't forget the bag I made for my son - 1 yard used there.

Bought 10 yards - backing for 2 quilts

17 yards out
10 yards in

Net: 7 yards 0ut


  1. Welcome to the stashbusting crowd and good report for the first week - 7 yards out!

    I started the year thinking I would count the stash. But, now I am just happy that everything is neatly folded and organized to allow for additional sewing.

    Take care!

  2. Keep up the good work.

    I'm afraid to figure out how much stash I have, so I am content to keep track of what is coming in and going out. As long as it doesn't get too big for the space I have I'm good. === of course there is that 50 yards of vintage fabric which hasn't made it to the shelf yet...

  3. Welcome to the stashbusting group. Some weeks will be better than others, but it's interesting to see the actual numbers. Good luck!

  4. Well you are off to a great start - keep it up!