Saturday, 18 June 2011


My son found what he thought was a stray cat outside our house last week, and decided to bring it inside because it was pouring rain out.  Now, that may seem like a lovely idea, but I already have three cats.  The last thing we need in this house is fourth.  Apparently, the current kitties agree with me.  From the moment this new fella came into the house, the three residents started arguing.  They were separated, and 'spot' here hung out for a couple of hours.

I made the boys put him back outside, once we figured out that he was not hungry (so I began to question if he was even a stray at all).  However, my current kitties continued to argue and fight with each other, every time they entered the same room.  Fortunately, they are all talk and no action - lots of hissing, but no physical violence ensured.  It took four days before they stopped hissing at each other.  I don't understand cat mentality, but I think it is pretty clear that my cats think three is perfectly fine number.  Lucky for us, this fella has not been back.  Maybe he figured out that the house was already full.

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  1. How cute is this little fella! He looks like a cow!