Monday, 6 June 2011

Design Wall Monday - June 6

 It's design wall Monday already.  Where does the time go? This seems like it's been a really short week for some reason.  However despite that, my design wall has something new this week.  I've started working on my indigo quilt, for Judy's monochromatic challenge for June.  Indigo is not a colour I have a lot of, but I went into my stash and I found one perfect piece - a nice deep purplish blue.  Sadly, I only have 1/4 yard of it.  So I dug out a few complementary blues that are within the range of indigo, and set out to design something that would showcase my favourite.

Here is part #1.  A 3" lemoyne star.  Once I had that done, I was really happy that it was the only one I needed to do for this quilt.  Sewing all those "Y-seams" is hard enough on a regular sized block - it was a real challenge in 3 inches.

Part 2 is done, too.  Now at least I have something sizeable to work with.

Now that the mystery quilt is almost done, this is all that is sitting on my design wall - one lonely block.  I'm sure its friends will be coming out to play soon :)

What's on your design wall?  Check out some others over at Patchwork Times.


  1. Gorgeous block! Love the color too. I don't have much indigo in my stash either.

  2. That is a stunning star! Great Job!

  3. I love that block, too. Can't wait to see more of your challenge quilt as you work on it.

  4. Okay, I adore this block. Now I need to know how you added the outside parts to the Lemoyne Star! I really want to do this one.....just what I need! Another project!


  5. I love your stars, especially the star within the star.