Saturday, 4 June 2011

Mystery Progress

I finished all the blocks for my mystery quilt yesterday.  Now I have to find a layout I like.  Several options come to mind - and the mystery writer suggested one I never came up with.  I've played around with them a few times, now I think I'll let them stew for a day or two before I move on.  My design wall is too small, so these are just parts of the quilt - the top and bottom rows are missing.

The good news is that, as I hoped, the brights are toned down a bit in the final quilt. I think I like this quilt.  While I might have put the colours in different locations if I'd had the design to work from originally, I think the end result is nice.

Taking the pictures down for now, because I realized there might be others still working on their mystery.  I'll post a finished pic in a couple of weeks, instead.

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