Tuesday, 11 September 2012

A Lucky Day

I dropped by my LQS on Sunday.  They aren't usually open on Sunday, but it was their annual BBQ and sale.  So, I dropped by for lunch (and to support Ovarian Cancer Research), and headed in to see what I might want to pick up on sale.  Since I just finished my checkerboard quilt (see picture), I thought I'd pick up a batting for it (it needs King and all I have are Queen).  And maybe some backing if they had something that would work.  I walked in and was greeted with "I wondered where you were yesterday".  I think it's a sign that you spend too much time in the quilt shop, if the staff misses you when you don't show up on a Saturday :)

I found the perfect backing, picked up a balloon to pop for my discount, and headed to the cash.  35% discount!  Yipee!  But oh, #*$, I forgot about the batting.  And of course, adding to my purchase and expecting the same 35% discount was not going to fly with the store owner.  So I headed home with my backing, and figured I'd go back another day for the batting.

Of course, I knew that I would forever wonder what I might have gotten as a discount if I'd gone back. So,  when I got home I decided that my son needed to get out driving (he has his learners permit, but we've only been out twice since he got it in July).  He's not really keen on the whole concept, but I am determined that he will learn to drive before he leaves home. Then, if he never drives again, that's his choice.  But I think everyone should know how.  We headed out, and I told him if things were going OK, he was going to drive me back to the quilt store.  And he did.  Just a couple of "Please stop!" moments, but overall not too bad for the his first time on the roads in traffic.

When we arrived, the store was completely empty (quite a switch from the morning, when it was packed).  I told my son to pick me a good balloon, and I headed in the "Batt Cave" to get what I needed.  I decided to get 2, since I'm trying desperately to catch up on quilts.  Headed to the cash, and low and behold, my son is a GREAT picker.  40% discount, whoo hoo!!  I should have bought a lottery ticket :)

Now I have backing, and batting, and a finished quilt.  But first, I have to quilt my lone start.  And then a baby quilt for a friend.  Then we'll see if I'm brave enough to load a 95" square quilt.

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