Sunday, 16 September 2012

Quiltathon Day 4

Today was the final day of Judy's quiltathon weekend.  Apparently I can't resist any invitation to quilt - I found time every day to get a bit done.  And I was finally able to start my next quilt.  I've been holding this one in reserve as a reward for finishing other projects - lone star off the long arm; binding on 3 quilts (sewn on, still has to be handstitched on the back); checkerboard, and my Christmas quilt (the last 2 were finished before the quiltathon started).

I designed a new pantograph for a baby quilt I've been asked to quilt. And then I felt it was necessary to try it out, because there is some close stitching on it and my long arm skills are still in their infancy.  I thought I should make sure I can actually handle this panto, before applying it to someone else's quilt.  So, I whipped up a really quick and small baby quilt with some stash, and loaded it on the long arm.

And, one hour later (I told you it was small) it is complete.  I tweaked the panto just a touch to fill an area that seemed too empty, and now I'm ready to tackle the real quilt.  It's loaded up and ready to go - I might get some work done on it later tonight, unless I decide to head out to the weekly dance session.

And my September colour challenge quilt is started. I think this one is going to be fun.  But I wonder now if I should have chosen a darker fabric for the accents.


  1. The September Color Challenge does look fun. Reminds me of the Pac-Man game!

    So glad you joined us for the Quiltathon!

  2. I love the quilting on your sample!! Great idea to check out how it works for you, but it looks great to me! - As for the 'pac-man' effect you are right, the blks do look like they are a video game!! I do like them better with the background showing through. Good quilting and keep going with it!!! (I am just getting myself back in the saddle right now..... And enjoying it!!!)