Thursday, 16 February 2017

Block party

I finished this top a little while back. The blocks were made as part of a block party - 12 of us get together, and each month 1 person picks a block for everyone to make.  The blocks come back to that person, and they have a quilt.  With 12 of us, at the end of the year everyone has a quilt made from blocks created by the other 11 participants.

I found this block in a magazine - it is apparently a variation on Blackford's Beauty.  The size is odd (finishes at 12.5"), but I love the end result. I set it with a narrow sashing and corner stones, to continue the red chain between the blocks.  The border is scraps left over from the quilt. I experiemented with a piano key border, but felt it was too heavy for the quilt and detracted from the look.  I like this one much better. Plus, I only had to make half as many bits to put together the squares in the border :)

I don't know where this quilt will end up. For now, it goes into the 'to be quilted' pile, where hopefully it won't spend too much time.


  1. The little red chains going through the quilt just brings everything together. Beautiful.

  2. Sounds like a fun way to make a quilt. I have a couple of questions about the process. Does the requester also provide the fabrics? How much time is allowed to finish a block?