Monday, 13 February 2017

Quilt Labels

Today's output from the sewing room.  I finally took the plunge and invested in some embroidery software so that I can make labels.  They came out pretty well, I think, so maybe my quilts will start getting labels again. The first 2 honours go to Bonnie Hunter's last two mystery quilts.  Luckily they both have purple in them, so I could use the same thread for both.  The labels are ready to go - one quilt is done so I just need to attach it. And the other will hopefully be quilted soon.

The first label is after washing and blocking (to remove the sticky-solvy I used for interfacing). The second is before washing. I'm still playing around with font sizes and positioning, but done is better than perfect, in this case :)

Now I have to decide if I want to turn my big sewing machine into a full-time embroidery setup.  Re-arranging everything for the different configurations is one of the reasons I haven't done this before now.  But if I set it up for embroidery permanently, I'm giving up my nicest sewing machine for piecing.  Decisions, decisions.

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