Sunday, 19 February 2017


One of the guilds I belong to makes little quilties - 24" square quilts - which are given to the special care nursery at one of the local hospitals.  Somehow I ended up on the quiltie committee this year, which means making sure we have plently of kits ready to hand out at each meeting, and delivering finished quilties.  Last week we had a "quiltie sew day" where a bunch of us got together to make kits.  It was an amazing day, and with all the help we made over 150 quiltie kits. I then spent a couple of days making backings for half of those little quilties. This is just a small portion of the result - the rest is in 3 large bags in my spare room, waiting for our next guild meeting to hand some out.

One thing I love about these little quilties - aside from how quickly they go together - is that they are the perfect size for practicing free motion quilting.  Big enough to play, but small enough to fit through the machine without a lot of fighting.

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