Saturday, 11 February 2017


Well, that didn't turn out like I hoped.

This is a mystery quilt for one of my guilds. The pattern is pretty, but my result is not.  I knew it was risky when I picked the fabrics. I had a set of red & 2 greys in my statsh that I bought some time ago, thinking they'd make a nice quilt. So when this one came up, and my yardages matched, I figured it was time to use those fabrics. I was a bit worried, because each had a fairly large design printed on it - white snowflakes on both the red & dark grey. And dark grey on the light grey.

I ended up tossing some of the cut blocks, where the overall print was too obvious. But in the end I feel like this quilt is pretty mushy.  It might have been ok if the red had less white in it - I don't mind the variation in the dark background fabric, and I did a pretty good job of fussy cutting around the dark print in the light fabric (except in a couple of places). But the red is getting lost 😞

I'll finish sewing it together this weekend, and in the meantime contemplate whether there is any way to save it.  It may just end up in the donation pile - well, it was destined there anyway, but I usually like to donate quilts I'm proud of, and this one doesn't make the cut unfortunately.

Oh well, that's what mysteries are for, in my opinion. Trying things out and figuring out what doesn't work, as much as seeing what does.

I'm linking up for the final day of Judy's quiltathon. I can at least claim something got done this week :)


  1. It's not awful, just not your best work. It will keep someone warm and they will think it's wonderful.

  2. Could you take the two different types of locks and make two quilts from them?

  3. I don't think it's all that bad. Maybe quilting can highlight the lines through it.

  4. I feel your pain on this one. When Judy used to do quilting by the hour I think it was I made one of her quilts with three fabrics in it that were from the same group but didn't have any contrast and it looks like a big piece of the mixed up fabric. I was happier with the second one.