Saturday, 2 June 2012

Almost finished

I finished quilting Orca Bay last night, and put the binding on it today.  Just have to tack down the back and it will be done.  I'll show some pictures after I get the binding finished.

And, I finsihed the quilting on my watercolour star.  Judy's feather lessons started yesterday.  I watched the first couple of videos, which were about feather borders.  Then I plucked up my courage, and decided it was time to finish the star - with a feather border.

Following Judy's instructions, I sketched on paper first.  Then I pulled out the quilt - and my courage failed.  I could not bring myself to freehand the feathers on my machine, so I drew them in all around rather than just on the corners.

Then, I loaded up the machine with the right thread, and started out.  It went better than I expected, and I finished the feathers on the outside of the spine following my drawing.  When I moved to the inside, I had obviously become more confident, because I completely ignored the markings in many places and cleaned up the feathers to a better shape than what I had drawn.

I'm really happy with the end result - and I think I might even have enough nerve to do the next feathers without drawing them in.  I'll baste the Carpenter's Star tomorrow, and be ready to join in Judy's lessons next week.

Here are some pictures of the border on the watercolour star.  And a couple of shots from the back, although I'm not sure that shows up any better.

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  1. The feathers look great Krista!! It looks like you achieved perfect tension too.