Sunday, 17 June 2012

Stash Report and Ramblings

I need my mojo back. I don't know where it's gone, but I'm having trouble getting motivated in my sewing room this week.  I have 12 hours of movies all stacked up to watch while I'm quilting, and figured it would be a really productive weekend.  But alas, I haven't spent more than a couple hours in there.  I did finish quilting and get the binding attached to my Carpenter's Star.  But I have block of the month to make. I've picked a project for the June colour challenge.  And I just can't get started on either of them.

I did make some progress on my knitting project this week - which is a good thing since it's due next week.  I guess I should be happy about that.  I think my problem is that I'm fretting over this long arm purchase.  I don't want to start quilting what I have stacked up, if a long arm is coming home soon.  But I am in a waiting mode, because I contacted the local dealer and she isn't ready to deal yet - not until she gets back from training at the end of the month.  It's only 2 weeks, and it would be nice to buy from someone local - but my head keeps going to the other deal who could have had one delivered to me next week.  If the local doesn't work out, I'm going to kick myself for not jumping on the prompt delivery from across the province.

Ah well, patience I suppose.  In the meantime, plugging along, I did use 1/2 yard this week, for the binding on Carpenter's Star.  Nothing in, since my son had the car and I couldn't get to the quilt shop yesterday.

Stash totals this year:
81 yards out, 132 1/2 yards in
Net for 2012: 51 1/2 yards in 

 Drop by Judy's blog to see what others have done with their stash this week.


  1. I'm having the exact same problem. I can't seem to get focused on anything sewing related. So I've decided to give in to it, and rest and read and wait for it to come back. It always does.

  2. Maybe I have your mojo, too! I don't know what has happened but my projects are moving right along! This week I have a couple of outside things to accomplish so grab your mojo back! Seriously, it will reappear, just kick back and don't force yourself, that makes it feel like a chore rather than a joy. I like to read a good quilt magazine, or watch a U tube tutorial to get back in the groove. It will come....

  3. We bought my long arm - an APQS - used, about 6 years ago and haven't had one bit of trouble with it, so we haven't had to have any help or repairs on it. If I am uncertain about something I just call the company and they answer my questions, even though I bought it used. They are always so helpful. I have heard that the people who deliver these machines will stay and help you learn to use it. Good luck with your decision.

  4. Congrats on your upcoming long arm purchase. I know it is a big decision. You do feel lost when everything is pending. Hard to know if you should move forward or just wait. Hopefully, the two weeks will pass quickly.

  5. I know exactly how you feel about the long purchase. I went through that 3 years ago, then checked the online Long arm site and as fate would have it, there was someone selling a Gammill in the same state as I and it was only 1 year old. I jumped on it and have not been sorry. It has performed perfectly with no problems from day one. I am so lucky to have checked the used sources before going to a dealer. I just call the home office of Gammill if I have a question that I can't find in the manual and they are always so helpful. Good luck in getting what you want.