Friday, 15 April 2016

A Successfull Day!

I went out this morning, on what I figured was a lost cause shopping trip, but I had to check. I have 2 quilts where I wish I had just a little bit more fabric.  My stars quilt, I have a beautiful border in mind, but I don't have enough of the grey fabric left to do it.  And Winding Ways really, really wants to be a double bed size, and right now it might stretch to a twin.  I am completely out of the black fabric.

So, I packed up a bag this morning with the fabric I wanted, plus a couple of other options for Stars, just in case.  I knew that was a long shot, because the kit is at least 3 years old. But it's Jenny Beyer fabric, so I hoped it might be one of her staples.  I headed out to the shop that I know stocks a good selection of Jenny's fabric, and started to peruse the shelves. And there it was!  A bolt of exactly teh fabric I need, in what looks like a perfect dye lot match. Just in case, I'll make sure to separate the new fabric from the old by a border, but I have plenty now to finish both Houses and Stars with the borders I wanted.

Then I started to look for the black - and realized that I packed the wrong fabric :( But I'm pretty sure I remember what it looked like, so I had a look around. No luck there, but striking gold on the Jenny Beyer was good enough for me. I headed into town to quilt shop number 2 - where I struck out completely. I was also looking for a particular thread colour, and I did find something kind of close for that, but not perfect. 

So, I figured one more stop would not hurt, and headed a bit further into town to quilt shop #3.  Found the PERFECT thread match. And then checking out their blacks I found what looked like exactly what I needed. I grabbed the bolt, ignored the fact that their sale starts tomorrow (no way I'm risking someone coming in and buying this out from under me), and headed to the cutting table. Where I stood in line, admiring my find, and started to wonder if I was as sure as I thought I was.  So when my turn came, I mentioned my uncertainty - and discovered the joys of a quilt shop that is completely electronic in their inventory. She looked up my Christmas purchases (I knew that I bought the fabric over the holidays when building my stash, but I could not remember which store), and found the exact bolt in her records.  So, 3 meters came home and Winding Ways gets to grow up.