Tuesday, 12 April 2016

Scraptastic Tuesday

It's Scraptastic Tuesday again, and I have a couple of little projects to show you today.  I worked on two scrappy projects this past weekend, and I think both of them are going to see some more friends, when I get back into my sewing room.

At the retreat, two workshops were presented, both of which I figured I could easily do from my scrap bins. The first was placemats. These are made from 2.5" strips of fabric and 1.5" strips of leftover batting. Perfect!  I have so many batting strips around my room, I was thrilled to have a way to use them up.  I grabbed a handful of blue & beige fabric strips from my 2.5" bin, and a bunch of batting to take with me. I figured I had enough for at least a couple of placemats, to get me started. Well, apparently I don't judge fabric amounts very well. I had enough to make this one placemat, with a few bits & pieces left over.  I do like the result, and I figure I can pull out some more fabric and make a few more of these pretty quickly. I still need to bind the top and bottom of this one.

The second project was an itty bitty quilt.  Using 1.5" squares, we made a little 24" quiltie for a baby.  The workshop included information about Joan Ford's fusible sheets for assembling tiny squares - I can't get her website to work however, so I can't find it online to show you those either.  The 9-patches in this baby quilt was made from 1.5" strips, rather than individual squares.  Again, it used a lot more fabric than I expected - pretty much all the purple I took with me was used up.    So a few more of these might appear, out of my 1.5" strip bin.  Or maybe a larger one. Making the little 9-patches was fun.


  1. Glad to see you are having fun with that strip piecing! Always great to find a use for those wadding trimmings. Thanks for joining up with us at #scraptastictuesday

  2. Both cute projects. Yeah for de-stashing.