Monday, 4 April 2016

Design Wall Monday - April 4

I had a pretty productive week. My design wall is coming along - more than 1/2 the blocks are made for my winding ways quilt. And it didn't even take a whole movie to do the latest row, so I must be getting faster at this.  Initially it was more than an hour per block, but I'm well under that now. 

I like how this is coming together. It's too bad I missed the deadline for the quilt show, but I think getting it finished in time for that might have been pushing my luck anyway.

This is the project I worked on at my retreat on Saturday.  This is from a local shop hop last summer, and they are all scenes of local landmarks.

No sewing on this one yet - it's all raw edge applique, and so far I've just been sticking the bits to the background with Steam-a-seam.n  Once it's done and I figure out how I want to put it together, I'll quilt it around all the pieces and kill two birds with one stone - attaching the applique and quilting in one step.

I also got some longarm work done today.  2 Victoria's Quilts projects done, and one for Quilts of Valour. Just need to bind all 3 of these.  I was playing with some new pantographs for my longarm. First, Flying Paisley, on the quilt with paisley fabric. That seemed fitting.

Then some butterflies and flowers on the (panel) garden wreath quilt.

And for Quilts of Valour (Canada) - a maple leaf, quilted in maple leaves. It's my own design for this pantograph. it's more detailed than I realized when I created it, but I love the way the leaves came out.

I don't think I was smart enough to cut binding for this one when I made it, so I'll have to go digging tomorrow and see what I can find in the stash to bind.  There might be some of one of the fabrics left, if I can track it down.


  1. Great quilting! I just love the way you match the quilting motif to the quilt top.

  2. All great projects. That's a fabulous border on your Windy Ways quilt. Gosh - I wish I'd seen that garden wreath panel. Thanks for linking to WIPs Be Gone.

  3. You've been a busy bee! Those look great, and I love the diversity of the quilts.

  4. Nothing boring going on in your quilt world :) Love your Maple Leaf original design, just stunning.