Saturday, 2 April 2016

One Monthly Goal for April

It's time to think about a goal for next month. Last month worked out well - I challenged myself to finish Giraffe Abstractions, and that one was done with time to spare.

So what's on the list for this month?  There's the easy choice - Ascension, which is due for a quilt show and has to be handed off before the end of this month. But it's just a tiny little thing, and it's going to get done anyway, so additional incentive in the form of this challenge is not necessary.

Then there is Winding Ways.  Also due for early May, but I'm going to miss the reveal meeting anyway, so the need to get it done is sort of falling off. And it's a real push to get it finished for this month - not sure that's where I'm going to want to spend my energy.

However, I think Glorious and Free should be my choice for April. This quilt is for Quilts of Valour (Canada), and I did make a promise about completing it when I received the pattern. So, my One Monthly Goal for April is to finish (quilted, bound, and ready to send off) this quilt.  And then maybe start a new one :)


  1. Glorious and Free is/will be stunning. Nice to know Canada has a QOV program, too.

  2. That Canadian Quilt of Valor looks fantastic. I will be anxious to see it finished by the end of the month.

  3. This is a very beautiful quilt. It looks like it took a long time to piece. I look forward to seeing it finished.

  4. Glorious and Free is a beautiful quilt. Good luck with finishing it.