Tuesday, 26 April 2016

Design Wall Monday

My design wall hasn't changed very much since last time I posted it. A few more blocks put together, but steam has run out since I've given up on having this done for the guild meeting.  I will keep plugging away, and then cut some more blocks since I found some more of the fabric I needed for it.

I've started a hand-piecing project that is keeping me busy in front of the TV. This is bad news for my embroidery projects, but I'm loving this one.  I picked up a fellow guild members UFO a few weeks ago - she had all the charms cut and a few of the apple cores basted for this quilt.  And she was selling it off (along with some other UFOs she was clearing out). For $3, including all the fabric and the papers, I could not resist - an apple core quilt has been on my bucket list for years.

The original fabrics are very traditional, and there are only enough for a wall hanging (about 100 pieces), so I pulled a bunch more in matching colours from my stash in more modern designs.  I hope that will spruce it up a bit.

I wrote this up and posted it. And it wasn't until I went looking for the Design Wall Monday post on Judy's blog that I realized it is in fact Tuesday today.  Early in the week, and I've already lost a day :)

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  1. Join the club, Krista; I've been known to lose weeks! Apple Core is on my bucket list, too. Have fun with it.