Monday, 11 April 2016

Post-retreat collapse

This always happens to me. I go to a retreat, and I sew my fingers off. And visit with people, make new friends, have tons of laughs.  But I always manage to sew myself right to the edge of exhaustion (ok, only getting 5 hours sleep a night doesn't help).  So now I'm back from retreat, and avoiding my sewing room for a little while.

However, I had a fantastic time, and got a ton of stuff done.  I challenged myself before I left to do all the workshop projects while I was there - piled my scraps into a bag so I was ready for that.  And I did it!  One little quilty, made from 1.5" squares.

And a placemat, made from 2.5" strips and leftover batting strips (cool, I have LOTS of leftover batting)

I finished a top - only the borders were left to do, but I've been avoiding it for quite some time. This is Reflections of the North (Winter) by Sherry Hisey.

And I finished paper piecing all of my houses and stars for Downtown.  I knew from the beginning that I didn't want this to be a single quilt - I could not get my head around the combination. So now  I have a star quilt.

And a house quilt.

They both still need borders. I cut most of my scraps into 2.5x5" bricks for a piano key border around the stars. I think I need something in between the cornerstones and piano keys however, and I'm a bit short on bricks (I'll know how much too short once I figure out what the filler piece is).

The house quilt will get a 2" grey border, and then something more to finish it off. Again I'm not sure, but the hope is that everything comes out of the leftovers from the original kit.

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  1. Not having seen the original pattern, I cannot even fathom how the stars and houses would go together. I think you did the right thing. I'm like that after a retreat, too. My problem is I drop everything just inside the door and it stays there for days ... or weeks ....