Saturday, 12 December 2015

Math fail

I needed to make 120 4-patches for Bonnie Hunter's Allietare mystery, from 2" strips. Simple enough. I did some quick math and decided I get 20 2" squares from each strip of fabric, so I need 6 strips of each colour.  Some of you already know where I'm going here ...

I carefully packed up my strips for a sewing day and headed off to a friend's house.  Merrily sewed strips together, cut segments from them to make 4-patches, and half-way through the first pair of strips I stopped dead.  A 4-patch does not need *1* square of each colour. Of course it needs 2.  So my carefully cut 6 strips of faabric is only half of what I need to make 120 4-patches.  Sigh.

So here are my 60 4-patches, waiting for their friends.

Good thing I took another project with me for the sewing evening. I worked on that one, as I mentally kicked myself for my math fail, and vowed to finish this clue today.


  1. That isn't so bad of a math fail. They're all the right size, you just don't have quite enough of them. I do love the purple!

  2. Lovely colors for your little four patches.