Monday, 28 December 2015

Monday Link-up

My design wall just has Bonnie Hunter's mystery today.  What else is there to quilting life, between Thanksgiving and New Year's?  :)

I've finished clue 5, except for final pressing of 40 units, and am all ready for the next step.  Past history says that Bonnie might do the final reveal on New Year's Day. But I think there are still 2-3 block parts to make before we get that far.  So if she reveals on New Year's, we are going to be BUSY!   I'm kind of hoping for a simple clue instead, so that I can concentrate on all my other mysteries that day.

Here are all my units for Allietare - they still (almost) fit in my little bin, which leaves me thinking there are a lot of bits still missing.

 Modern Guild meeting is tonight, so I finally put the finishing touches on my steam engine block for our charity quilt.  All set to hand off, along with a few other bits & pieces I've collected from people. I can't wait to get this quilt back for quilting, and see how it all goes together.

In the meantime, I've been pondering my 2016 plans.  I did an inventory of what's in flight, or in the quilting closet, and the numbers are just as scary as last year.  I'll post those details later this week, and share my 2016 plans with you.

I'm linking up with Bonnie and Judy today, for more design inspiration.


  1. Your BH mystery pieces are looking good. I like your colors. Cute engine block, too. Good luck on your 2016 plans. I've just started thinking about making a plan -- but that's a start!

  2. I agree with you - I think there more to come!

  3. It's so neat to see the mystery done in different colours.


  4. Love your Allitare colors, it will be stunning! That train is sew cute.

  5. Beautiful color choices for BH's mystery. And your Steam Engine block is pretty awesome.

  6. Great fabrics, and cute train block. I agree there are too many blanks still: I don't think we'll be done by New Year.

  7. I love to see alternativ colour ways, I'm looking forward to see your quilt come together