Monday, 7 December 2015

Monday Progress

I had a really productive weekend, due mostly to a full day sew-in with my guild.  Lots of fun, and lots of progress made.  I'm almost all caught up on Bonnie Hunter's Allietare mystery. Just a few 1/2 square triangles left because, while I took the fabric with me I didn't take my easy angle ruler. But all of step 2 is complete, although one piece disappeared about 4 times.  I was short every time I counted, including when I sorted into groups of 4. But when I sewed the final seams, voila, there was the missing piece (in a set of 5).

I also made up a sample for a workshop I'm going to teach.  This may be more an example of what not to do, however.  I need to review my fabric selections and my layout plan, but at least now I can show people what we will be doing. This is the problem with giving away all my quilts - the original transparency quilts have all been donated, so I have to work from scratch for this class.

My design wall is an example of just how scattered I am these days. Someone said to me on the weekend that in order to get through their UFOs, they were going to restrict themselves to 3 projects active at a time.  I blithely said that was not an issue for me, as I only work on one, or two at most, at any time. Then I went upstairs and looked at my design wall. I think I need to get myself under control here.  I have my pinwheel quilt, rows from the 2015 Row by Row (I have 18 rows in total), my charity block for the Ottawa Modern Guild Quilt Con charity quilt.  Plus I have Allietare underway, a Kaffe Fassett stripes quilt piled on my sewing table, and two leader/ender projects which are nearing the "I need to finish these up" stage - my scrappy pineapple and a Jacob's Ladder variation.

Linking up with Bonnie and Judy today


  1. you have been busy. Love your colors for the MQ, I look forward to seeing it go together.

  2. I have the same problem. I told myself I wasn't going to start one more project before I finished 3. Well I finished 1 and started 3. Yikes! Really like your fabric choices.

  3. your clue 2 has the colors of naturally found touquoise, lovely

  4. Funny reality check on your design wall! But it all looks good.

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