Thursday, 19 July 2012

...and waiting...

Sigh.  Despite being scheduled for delivery yesterday, UPS never showed up.  So no new toy yet :(

I did manage to make good use of the evening, since I didn't have to setup my long arm.  Two quilts almost done - just a bit of borders left.  I have a blue border for the one on the right.  And the one on the left will get top/bottom borders like what is in the picture (but just one row of the blue squares).  And I think I'll probably add one final brown border.

And, a knitting project about 1/2 done, while I wait for my next Camp Loopy project to start.  I started this one in June, to test out the pattern I was going to use for the second project.  It was going well, but I decided to do something different for that project, and this one has been sitting for 3 weeks waiting for me to get back to it.

This is my actual camp loopy project #2, all done.

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  1. Ha! I enjoyed reading this as my son is drumming in his room right above my head as I type! Hope your new toy arrives soon - but you are managing to keep busy making wondeful things in the meantime! xCathy