Sunday, 29 July 2012

Stash report - July 29

This was a really good week for, in stash usage.  It was also a good week for stash enhancement :)  I did use every scrap of fabric I bought for baby quilts - so much so, that I had to head back out and buy some additional fabric for bindings.  I guess I forgot to calculate that into my plans.  I was reasonably well-restrained at my fabric shop yesterday, but I did also pick up some additional fabric for the colour challenge quilt - background and a couple quarters to add a border to the quilt.  5 1/2 yards came home in total.

Stash used this week
4 3/4 yards - backing for baby quilts
4 yards - practice quilts (is this cheating?  Four 1 yard strips, put together to make 2 "quilts" for long arm practice.)
4 1/2 - colour challenge star
Total used this week: 13 1/4 yards

Stash usage this year:
102 yards out

Now, back to watching the Olympics and knitting (since I don't have a TV in the sewing room)


  1. Your practice quilts count - used is used, no matter how!

  2. I agree - anything used counts! I moved my small machine and set up a sewing station in my living room so that I can watch and sew :)

  3. True - any fabric used is used.