Sunday, 22 July 2012

Stash Report - July 27

Finally, a positive stash report.  Of course, it falls the week Judy isn't doing a link-up, because her blog is moving, but I'm posting my success anyway :)  I have 7 yards out this week.  4 yards for 2 baby quilt tops.  And 3 yards for my first "quilt" loaded on my long arm!!!

Stash usage this year:
88 3/4 yards out

I loaded 2 pieces of flat fabric, just for practice. And I've been playing most of the afternoon.  I'm going to go find all the Free Motion Quilting challenges from past months, and try some of them out next.  I'm having a ton of fun!  Here it is, all set to start pass #3.

I also went digging this month, and picked some fabric for the colour challenge.  I have a design in mind - not sure it'll happen before the end of the week, with this new toy in my basement, but the option is there if I need a break from standing up quilting.

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