Tuesday, 17 July 2012

It arrives tomorrow!

Well, my new long arm should arrive at the shop sometime tomorrow.  Then I have to figure out how to get it here.  I'm sure I can get a friend to help me, but depending on how late the distributor is willing to stay one evening, I might have to wait a week and a half for that to happen and I just don't think I can do it.  So I'm debating how many trips it would take in my little Corolla.

Lots to do to prepare for this.  I have to make room in the basement.  I have to finish some practice quilts.  I have to cook for the next week so my kids don't starve while I play :)  And what am I doing?  Reading quilting boards and knitting threads online, and posting this update. 

This is where the long arm will go.  I have to move the drums (that's going to require some negotiation with my son, to find a way to share this space). And move the treadmill - I'd like it to remain accessible and may actually get used occasionally.  Not sure yet where it will go. Maybe just to the right, under the window.  I think I have about 13 feet from the closet doors on the left, to the edge of the window, so that should be enough room.  The good news is, it is nice and cool down there.
I did make a tiny bit of progress on my current practice quilt today.  I cut all the pieces, and assembled two little bits.  But it is SO hot upstairs that I had to stop.  This would probably go faster if I wasn't trying to mitre all the corners on the striped fabric.  It seemed like a good idea at the time.  And it does look cool - but it sure takes a lot of effort.

I may just clear off the other half of my design wall and cut the parts for the second practice quilt.  It is going to be an easier pattern which I can chain piece - maybe that will get my mojo moving and get something completed.  Of course, even it is not going to be simple - I'm still working with rectangles rather than squares which messes up all the calculations.

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