Saturday, 9 January 2016

Border Choices

Progress is being made on my New Year's mystery quilts.  2 more tops done yesterday, and my Allietare top is ready for borders. But I need help. I've narrowed it down to these 2 choices.  Which is your favourite?  Brown inner border with black (not quite Bonnie's plan, but I like the brown better than purple in this position).

Or, black inner border with turquoise. I do love the turquoise fabric but I'm not sure if this gives the quilt the right feel.

I'm linking up at WIPs be Gone, and A Quilted Passion today.


Thanks to a comment below, I had another inspiration. The reason I wasn't considering Bonnie's plan (which would be purple/black in my colour scheme) is that my purple and black are too close in value.  But, what if I slip a little bit of brown in there between them?  So a 1" purple, 1/2" brown, 5" black border.


  1. Maybe narrow turquoise, narrow black, wide turquoise?

  2. Or why not incorporate all three? Narrow black, narrow brown and a bit wider turquoise? The black would frame it, the brown would add width to the border and the turquoise would finish it off.

  3. I think I understand why you're hesitating on the turquoise outer border. The brown inner border doesn't have enough oomph (at least in the photo) up next to the light neutrals. How about turquoise inner and black outer?

  4. I like turquoise only because I am craving that color right now!