Friday, 8 January 2016

Q1 UFO plans

I'm going to join in on the 2016 Finish Along this year. I like the idea of quarterly reports - it will let me stay on track without worrying if I miss a month - I can catch up before the end of the quarter. Since most of my UFOs are tops waiting to be quilted, and I have to fit my own quilts in between customer projects, that might give me a chance to work out some sort of schedule for myself.  I'm envisioning one of my own quilts on the longarm each weekend - but somehow I think I'll be lucky if that actually happens once a month.

So, here are my plans for Q1 of the 2016 Finish Along. I'm going to start with the easy bits, quilts that are almost done. I will finish the binding on all my quilts in that state currently:
  1. Chain Reaction
  2. snowball/9-patch
  3. scrappy quilt - 2013
  4. Disappearing hour glass 
  5. Houses 
Then, I will finish 3 of the quilts on my guild UFO list, which just need quilting. 

  1. building blocks
  2. flowers in my window
  3. mexican star 

And all my mysteries, which are basically all tops at this point, except for a couple which need borders and #4 where I'm still working on the blocks.
  1. Bonnie Hunter Allietare
  2. Yahoo group boxes
  3. stacked coins 
  4. Merry Mayhem stars
  5. links
  6. jelly roll