Saturday, 2 January 2016

Happy New Year!

A day late, but I spent all day yesterday sewing, and didn't take a break to pbotograph or post any of it.  Lots of work done on 3 different mysteries. But nothing completed, as I'm sure most of you could have predicted.  Interesting that the 31st was a more productive day. I guess the 3-way mutli-tasking really doesn't work :)

However, in the spirit of sharing, here's what I have for each of the mysteries.

First, the mystery. This one started earliest, so I got the most done on it.  I'm really liking the block she has here, but setting/border instructions aren't coming out until today or tomorrow, so I kind of slowed down on this one.  Just a few more side pieces to add, and I'm ready to start playing with layouts.

This is's mystery.  It was a jelly roll mystery, which I don't have any of, so I decided to do it in a single fabric line.  Not sure how I'm feeling about it yet, but it is coming together, and doing something with this line of fabric I bought 2 years ago (Freckles). 2 more steps, I think, to get a block.

And this is from Merry Mayhem.  I am doing it scrappy, and she had us divide our fabric into sets of light/medium/dark - which turn out to each make a single block. So I'm working through this one as a leader/ender, putting the block pieces together. Then I'll do a chain piecing session to assemble the final 14 blocks. Merry takes her mystery down really quickly (today), so I saved the last 2 steps (setting instructions) for later reference when I'm done the blocks.

I hope everyone's New Year got off to a fabulous start.  My day today is going to be spent at the longarm, since I promised a quilt for someone on Monday. Gotta get to work on that and take a break from all the mystery sewing.

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