Friday, 29 January 2016

Fixing Troubles

I took my travel sewing machine to a retreat and spent all day yesterday griping at it because it just would not see over the seams in my blocks.  I have a quarter inch foot and it was working great but those bulky seams were killing me.

Today,  I had a sudden inspiration.  Instead of using my quarter inch foot.  I put in my regular foot and moved the needle to the right,  so that the edge of the foot is a quarter inch from the needle.  Viola,  a perfect quarter inch seam guide,  plus,  the fabric I'm feeding through now covers BOTH feed dogs. What a difference that made! The fabric stays straight,  it glides over the bulk at the seams,  and I still have that perfect scant quarter inch I need.


  1. Thanks for the tip. My Brother machine does the same thing. I thought if I bought a courser feed dog it would help. However they don't sell a course feed dog for my machine. Oh the joys of newer machines, never had these issues with my old machine.

  2. I almost always move my needle over for that very reason -- more feed dogs covered. Also, not all quarter-inch feet are accurate! Glad you solved the problem.