Saturday, 30 January 2016

Troubles part 2

Thud.  Thud.  That's sewing machine for "Clean me please!". I finally registered that my machine was thudding along with every stitch.  First step,  I replaced the needle, since I had not changed it since I bought the machine.  That definitely lessened the thudding.

Then someone walked by and asked if I had cleaned it recently.  Well that reminded me that I was going to clean it out the other day,  but didn't have a screw driver handy to remove the stitch plate.  So I borrowed one from another quilter, and went to work.  I had to dig out the fluff from between the feed dogs with my seam ripper it was so well embedded in there.

What a difference!  The fabric is now feeding smoothly over the feed dogs, it's not chewing up the beginning of my seams, and doesn't need encouragement to get over bulky points. Now I guess I should figure out if this machine needs oil.

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  1. Good golly! You should make a habit of cleaning it with every bobbin change! I clean mine and oil it every time i change the bobbin. Once a week (Sundays) i take the casings off and give it a thorough clean and oiling. Some say that is overkill, but ive never had the gal in for repair or mtc! Its an easy habit to form and one that will serve you quite well...even if it is just a travel machine.