Sunday, 3 January 2016

Stash Report - Jan 3

A new year, a new stash report. Last year went pretty well. While I didn't avoid purchasing fabric completely, I definitely used more than I brought in over the year.

My final totals for last year were
104 3/4 yards in
217 1/4 yards out
Total: 112 1/2 yards out

This year, every quilt shop in my end of town had a big sale either right after Christmas or right after New Year's Day.  So, I indulged.  I tried to be restrained this year, and was quite proud of myself for staying on budget. Then I looked back and realized I bought almost the same amount of fabric during this year's sales as I did last year.  Oh well, maybe next year.

I did stick to a plan however - I bought neutrals to fill out my stash, so I should be good for a few quilts this year. Aren't they pretty? Lots of lights, and a few darker neutrals for variety.  Trying to find fabric for mysteries showed me that my neutral selection was a bit lacking.  The fat quarters are the part that blew my budget :( but they were pretty, and will go into a quilt that I hope to get to this year.  And the map of Canada I just could not resist.  62 yards in this year.

I also have 2 quilt tops finished for this year, so I'm off to a great start. I finished my two New Year's Eve mystery quilts.

This one is the mystery (without borders - I decided to leave them off so this top is the right size for a donation), and the second one is a revised layout so that I didn't have to sew a bunch of identical 2.5" strips back together into 6.5" blocks.  Each of these used 3.5 yards of fabric.

62 yards in
7 yards out
Total: 55 yards in

Last year I hit the black on April 5th, let's see how I can do this year. I'm linking up with Judy over at Patchworks Times today. Drop by to see how everyone else is starting the year off.

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  1. Neutrals are never a waste, I always try to pick some up on sales. Love your two quilts. I have many UFO's that I am going to attack with vigor.