Tuesday, 10 April 2012

Quilting Mistakes

Let's say you posted this picture of a quilt you made recently.  And you received lots of wonderful comments on the design and the end result.  But in addition to that, was one apologetic email.  A fellow quilter was very sorry to point out that she had noticed an error in your piecing.  What would you do?  Do you leave it and hope no one else notices?  Do you try to pass it off as "that one mistake that has to be in every quilt, because no one is perfect".  Or do you root out the evil that is marring your work.

First, can you see it?  For all the times I've looked at this quilt and shown it to people, I never once noticed the mistake.  Of course, now that it's been pointed out to me, I can't not see it. It stares at me, and taunts me every time I look at the quilt.  My eye immediately goes to that spot every time.

And knowing that I can't not see it, I don't really have a choice.  This flaw has to go.  Good news - I haven't quilted this yet. Better news - I found a square of fabric the right size to fix the problem.  It didn't take long, and the quilt is now correct.  I feel much better.  And for those of you who have spotted any other errors in this quilt - shhhh!


  1. I didn't see it until you showed the fixed picture, so I knew where to look. I've had emails like that before, and although they do produce a groan of frustration, I'm glad for them.

  2. okay--I had to look REALLY HARD to find it. Me--I would have left it. And had a silent snicker every time I saw it. Yeah--my sense of humor is a bit strange.

  3. Took me awhile to see it. I won't ask you about the squares in the border then....lol

  4. I also noticed the border squares but haven't found your other "error"...I think it looks wonderful either way!

  5. oh this is BAD!!!! I don't see it!! either the 'mistake' (what mistake?? It's a quilters creative way to make it!!) and I don't see a 'fix'!! What got changed??? oh no!! Do I need to get my eyes checked???!!

    This is a beautiful creative piece of fun. I actually had to get my hubby to come and look and see if he could see it! He FINALLY did, but he had to look hard!! It was not a big error - and when he finally showed me, I had to laugh!! whew... way to funny!!!

    And your right, once it's pointed out, you do see it! But, it did not jump out and yell, "Hey, see me??!!" But once you see it, you do see it, but I think it was a fix that you could have left undone..... I like this quilt!! And if there is something else - leave it alone!! It is a creative and fun piece of art, leave it with it's fun parts for people to find!! ;-)