Saturday, April 7, 2012

This week's finish

Pink Posies is complete!  At least, the top is done.  It may be a while before it is quilted - this turned out bigger than I was expecting.

I consider this a definite success.  I bought this fabric a couple of years ago, with no particular pattern in mind.  So, I randomly bought a couple yards of each, and a bit extra of the floral.  When I designed the quilt, I did choose the size to use as much of the fabric as possible - and in the end I have less than 1/2 yard of the dark pink and floral left.  And only scraps of everything else!  Pretty good planning, if I do say so myself.

And now that the quilt inspector has approved this one, I am headed out to look for backing while I ponder my next step.  Start the April colour challenge, or quilt one of my tops.  Or perhaps actually finish a UFO, since I have a couple that need borders, which I'd really like to finish.


  1. I love how this turned out! It was fun to watch the creative process. Adding the pink to the center was perfect, and I like how you handled the borders. Very nice!

  2. It is beautiful. It has been fun watching as you grew this quilt.

  3. That is wonderful!!!! It was fun to watch the progress on this, and it looks fantastic!!! Love how you worked the quilt into the border! Have always loved that look!! Way to much fun!!! You did good!!!

  4. Looks great Krista! The thin red border between the floral borders was genius!

  5. I love how this turned out. I also love your quilt inspector. I have one of those myself. She is very demanding.

    Melinda from TX